Complete keeping of accounts from A to Z:

  • The initial documents submitted to our company are recorded in accounting;
  • Calculation of employees’ salaries;
  • Calculation of taxes;
  • Submission of reports to the supervising authorities;
  • Execution of payments;
  • Accounting of debts;
  • The company’s executive and responsible employees are consulted on the tax issues;

Salary accounting:

Calculation of employees’ salaries and taxes related thereto, submission of declarations to SSIFB (Sodra), STI, drawing-up of statements to the employees on calculated and paid-out salary, other services. It is possible to draw-up other reports required by the company’s management using the set form.

Functions of a chief accountant:

This service is offered to the companies which have an accountant who is responsible for simple accounting operations inside the company. The services include reviewing of all operations executed by the accountant and execution of other agreed accounting operations which cannot be executed by the accountant, such as calculation of salaries, calculation and declaration of related taxes, consulting the company’s management, drawing-up of internal reports.

Other corporate services:

  • Analysis of the customer company’s financial ratios;
  • Compiling the budget and controlling fulfilment thereof;
  • Cash flow planning and control;
  • Consulting on financial solutions;
  • Calculation of capital adequacy;
  • Reporting to the Securities Commission.
  • Drawing-up and submission of annual reports on Personal Income Tax to STI,
  • Keeping of accounts of individual business activities under the licence or certificate,
  • Consulting on various tax issues.

What stops you from giving us a call regarding accounting services?

You have an accountant of your own

  • You already have reliable accountants who never make mistakes and you don’t have to explain to STI or Sodra;
  • There is a significant amount of money in your account, therefore it is a piece of cake for you to pay for the mistakes made by your accountants;
  • In the office your accountant does not require a desk, chair, accounting software, etc.;
  • Your office is so big that you can place a desk for an accountant instead of the salesman’s desk;
  • Your accountant has expertise and is able to consult on tax reduction and staff motivation issues.

You hire a company

  • The company providing accounting services to you is insured with the civil liability insurance;
  • The company providing accounting services to you is located in the city centre and is always on your way;
  • The company providing accounting services to you is located nearby several bus/trolley stops and you can get there without a car;
  • If you drive to the accounting company you can always park your car near the entrance;
  • Your accounting company has an individual room where you can a enjoy a cup of coffee and discuss your matters privately;

If you have all of this, that’s great…

But if you don’t have any of this – call us!

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